Cost of vein removal? (Photo)

Spider vein removal from thighs and legs , cost and no. of days to treatment ?

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Cost of spider vein treatment.

The cost of treatment for spider veins will vary from physician to physician.  I charge one of several ways.  Sometimes I charge per syringe used, sometimes for a total treatment and sometimes for areas treated. The most common cost is $4OO per treatment.  I usually recommend 6 weeks between treatments.

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Cost of vein removal?

In all honesty, it is impossible to give you exact figures for what your treatment will require. We tell patients that spider vein treatment is a process which will require multiple sessions, typically at least 3-5, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, so treatment will need several months. Cost is generally done by session, pay as you go, and is in the range of $300-400/session, depending on where you live. As a ballpark figure, you can expect $1200 - $1800 for a reasonable course of therapy.

Craig Schwartz, DO
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