How much will it cost to bridge my minor gaps, using Invisalign? How much time may this take? (photos)

I have a minor gap between my front teeth and would like to know what I'm looking at spending (a ballpark figure) I understand a exact quote cant be given and is it practical that this can be complete within less than a year? Thanks all,

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Minor Gaps

The gaps you have between your teeth are caused by your bite. Invisalign (or braces) can correct the bite and close the spaces. The cost varies by area to some extent, so look in the newspaper or online for advertisements about Invisalign, or call a few offices and ask their fees. The timing of less than a year may not be possible. It really depends how things look at your clinical exam with x rays. There are devices that can speed up treatment, that cause the teeth to move quicker- ask about Acceledent and Propel. 

Hope this helps. 

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