I've been on 2 consults for arm lipo and don't see many positive reviews on the subject? (Photos)

Best Method? Incisions left open or closed on Black Skin? (I have small keloids) Will my arms be different in size? What's the best approach to Arm Lipo to garner the best results.

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Satisfaction with Liposuction of the Arms

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The key to happiness is getting what you want. However, with Pladtic Surgery what you want may not be achievable. That is where having a clear understanding what can and what cannot be achieved is very important. 
You appear to have both excess fat and excess skin of the arms. As such you would require 2 operations to be done one after the other: First, Lipiduction to remove the fat excess and continue the arms and then a Brachioplasty or Arm Lift to remove the skin excess. The operation requires a long scar placed either at the back of the arm or along the biceps groove. 
Neither operation done by itself would give you skimmer arms. The reason some people are not happy is either because of inferior results obtained by avoiding the needed operations or because they were not expecting the scar or the recovery. Educate yourself on all the options and avoid a too-good to pass shortcut. 
Dr. Peter A.  Aldea
Memphis, TN

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction and arm lift

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Hi thanks to share your concern.An arm liposuction if done properly will get you good results.moreover since you have keloid forming tendency it makes it more advisable to stick to liposuction.

I've been on 2 consults for arm lipo and don't see many positive reviews on the subject?

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Thank you for the question and pictures. Be careful with your decision-making; you will NOT  have an aesthetically pleasing outcome with liposuction surgery alone. Best wishes.

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