Cheek implants - before or after orthognathic surgery?

I'm having orthognathic surgery to correct my overbite/overjet and recessed chin in 9-12 months. Is there any practical or aesthetic reason to put off submalar implants until after the surgery? I understand the lower third of my face will change significantly after the jaw surgery and am wondering if that factors at all into the choice and placement of cheek implants. Does my having braces increase the chance of infection from oral incisions?

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Cheek implants in combination with orthognathic surgery

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in your case, there are several factors to consider. I do not think that it is a contraindication to perform malar augmentation in combination with lower jaw surgery. You must consider that anesthesia time is increased  and as in any implant surgery, contamination is a big consideration. For this reason, I like to use freeze dried cartilage instead of a man-made material for the implant such as silicone or PTFE. You may also be a candidate for a zygomatic osteotomy.Discuss these factors with your surgeon Who will be in a much better position to guide you based on his or her experience and your individual needs.Best of luck 

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