What Caused my Gums Not to Recede into the Full All in Four?

I had the remainder of my teeth pulled at the top and chose a full all on four, at the final fitting, there was too much of a gap between the gum line and where the teeth met, I was told my gums would recede into the teeth and it didn't. The Dentist made adjustments by adding more length to the teeth, which I think looks too long and the gums still haven't receded into the teeth to my satisfaction. Is this normal? Now I'm told I will need to spend additional money to fix this problem.

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All On Four Dental Implants

The term "Recede" you are using actually means the opposite of what you want in your post.  What you are describing is that there is a gap between the prosthesis and your gums.  If the gums "Recede" as you describe, there will be a bigger gap.  What you want is the gingiva (gums) to "grow" up against the prosthesis.  Unfortunatley this will not happen, as a matter of fact they will most likely recede more and make the gap even larger.  This is usually factored into the temporary prosthesis and is corrected in the final prosthesis.  In my practice there is alway a temporary and a final prosthesis. As a matter of fact most practices do this procedure this way to get proper function and esthetics.  IF this is a temporary and you are getting a final, it should be corrected.  If this is your final, then this needs to be discussed with the doctor who made it for you.  There should not be an additional charge if the fit is not proper becasue this can lead to failure of the implants.  The gap will be corrected with ginviva coloered acrylic or ceramic, depending on your prosthetic

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All on Four Dental Implants Gum Issues

What you are asking is incorrect.  When an all in four is done you take an impression at the end of the process and the laboratory extends the prosthesis to the level of the tissue.  If there is a gap between the gum and the all on four right now then it will only get worse.  You need to speak to your dentist to discuss your concerns.

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