Am I candidate for Snap On Smile with an underbite?

I have a slight underbite with a missing right front tooth and I was interested in snap on smile but I'm unsure because of my underbite.

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SnapOn smile

Dear frostiej66:A SnapOn smile device is excellent for small teeth and spacing.  It is a plastic shell that is flexible and fits over your teeth.  From 6ft away, the teeth look fine, however, as you come closer, the look is blocky and chickletty.  Nonetheless, it is a fabulous, low cost alternative to full mouth reconstruction.  It is no nearly as long lasting and if you do not brush your teeth properly, you can end up with periodontal problems and cavities.  For the price of one crown, you can have a beautiful shell that will allow you to smile with confidence for photos at a wedding.  In my practice, that is the most common application for the SmapOn smile.  It is an excellent, low cost, transitional solution.Talk to your dentist about it.  As long as your bite allows it, you will be happy.Best of luck,

New York Prosthodontist

Snap on smile is a temporary solution

Everyone is a candidate, but it is NOT long term treatment.  It is a preview of more permanent treatment, as it is made out of plastic and not porcelain/metal.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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