Can I bring my iron level up from a 9 to a 11 in 2 weeks by taking floradix?

Iam scheduled to have a tummy tuck on June 7th but i was told my iron level is to low

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Can I bring my iron level up from a 9 to a 11 in 2 weeks by taking floradix?

Thank you for your excellent question.  Depending on your age and past medical history it would be wise to see your general practice doctor to ensure that other issues are not accounting for your low iron level.  Oftentimes this low level is idiopathic - no known cause - and can be improved with the use of iron supplements alone, but if due to a specific reason this should be further investigated.  

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Iron supplements for anemia

There are all sorts of iron supplements and most of them are not good.  Many iron supplements are not well absorbed and cause constipation.  The best form of iron is ferrous bisglycinate taken along with Vitamin C to aid absorption.  Your Floradix is the wrong form of iron and has no Vitamin C so I highly doubt it will help achieve your goals.  Your best bet is to get the right kind of iron and to eat foods that are high in iron such as organic dark leafy vegetables and grass fed beef (not the regular beef you buy in most grocery stores that are grain-fed beef).

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