What Breast Augmentation Work Best for my Frame?

I am looking to get a mommy makeover by year end but is confused on what procedure works best for. After childbirth my already small breast started to sag. I was also wondering if I have enough fat for fat grafting for butttock enhancement? Please advise.

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Mommy Makeover

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Provided that you are otherwise healthy, you appear to be a great candidate for a breast augmentation with a lift.   With regards to your buttocks, I think you do have enough fat to get a nice results from a buttocks augmentation with fat.  Good luck.

Breast Augmentation options

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When women with saggy breasts want to go bigger, I usually advise doing a breast lift along with the implants. Otherwise, the implants create what we call a “double bubble,” where the breast droops off the end of the implant like a sock. Some of my patients, however, don’t want a lift because they want to avoid additional scarring, so sometimes implants alone can fill out the skin and eliminate the saggy appearance. A mastopexy (breast lift) raises droopy breasts from one to several inches and excess skin is removed. If you're sagging or asymmetrical, and are looking for perkiness, you'll need a lift--or, if you also want more volume, a lift and implants.

It is now possible with the newest technique for you to enlarge your breasts without resorting to implants! Specially prepared fat taken from another part of the body, such as the stomach or hips, is placed under the breast tissue to provide increased breast size without the need for artificial implants. The technique is called autologous fat transfers and autologous simply means "your own." And who doesn't have a little fat to spare?

What Breast Augmentation Work Best for my Frame?

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Over the internet never replaces in person consultations! I think you can have implants and donut lifting + liposuction one liter our fat removed + fat grafts to the buttock. Fee ranges from $10,000 to $15,000. 

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Breast implant planning should be done carefully

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You appear to be a reasonable candidate for a standard submuscular augmentation using a reasonably sized implant. You do not appear to need a breast lift now, but you may need one in the future, as you have some mild breast sagging. You do have some breast size, shape and skin envelope differences from side to side that a standard breast augmentation might not correct.

Breast enlargement and buttock fat grafting

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Thank you for your question about a mommy make-over, breast enlargement and buttock fat grafting.

  • Your photos suggest that a breast implant is likely to improve your shape, without a lift. Saline and gel implants are both good options.
  • You seem to have little fat - making a buttock fat enlargement unlikely.
  • The best planning is to consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for a full evaluation and specific planning designed just for you. Hope this helps. Best wishes.

Breast augmentation question and buttocks enhancement questions?

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All of your questions are good.  As far as your breasts there is some degree of asymmetry with the right breast smaller and less medial fullness than the left side.  Also your breast on the right side has a larger areola and less total volume.  You do have a degree of breast sagging but since your nipples are at the level of the inframammary crease and there appears to be less than 3 cm of breast tissue below the crease a standard submuscular breast augmentation should give you a nice result.  With the lack of breast tissue on the right side I would prefer to use a gel implant.  You would most likely be in the 325 to 400 cc range.  In our office we use the Vectra 3D imaging system which can help you determine the appropriate breast implant size as well as areas for buttocks enhancement.  You did not include a photograph of your buttocks from the back so it is difficult to tell completely which areas need to be filled in.  You appear to have an A frame buttocks which is the most attractive type.  If you liposuction your abdomen and lower back you may have enough fat for an enhancement of the upper buttocks and mid central buttocks.  I usually prefer to have about 700 cc per side to do a successful buttocks augmentation.  This would be a total of 1,400 cc of fat needed and you may just have enough fat to harvest for this purpose.  Thanks for the questions, Dr. Z

What Breast Augmentation Works Best for my Frame?

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    I think you have enough fat to provide you with a very nice Brazilian buttlift result.  I would recommend silicone implants placed under the muscle to improve the shape and look of your breasts.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of breast augmentations and Brazilian buttlifts each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Best Breast Operation for Me?

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 Thank you for the question but the pictures posted are not of sufficient quality to provide you with precise enough advice.
Online consultants, will only be able to speculate as to what breast operation will achieve the best results for you. I would suggest that you seek consultation with well experienced plastic surgeons surgeons in your area for accurate advise that can only come after the league history, physical examination, and a full communication of your goals.   Ask to see lots of examples of their work helping patients in your situation. During this consultation process, you should learn about the pros/cons, as well as possible risks/complications associated with each surgical option.
Best wishes.

Mommy Makover: Breast Implants and Brazilian Butt Lift

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From the photos you appear to be a great candidate for a breast augmentation.  Also, you appear to have enough fat to transfer (from you outer thighs and/or hips) to your buttocks.  It's a little hard to judge if you would need a breast lift from photos alone.  It is really helpful to take actual measurements (from the top of the breast bone to the nipples, and from the nipples to the crease beneath your breasts) to help in decision making about a lift.  Good luck with your consultations!

Breast asymmetry before surgery

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You probably have enough fat for fat grafting but that is better assessed by also viewing a back side photo. A submuscular breast implant would probably suffice but you have some breast asymmetry that needs to be addressed in the planning stages of your surgery. Your left breast is similar and shaped differently than the right breast. If you just put in implants without an adjunctive procedure you may increase the breast asymmetry.

I hope you realize that this format of posting questions and receiving answers lacks the face to face direct communication required for you to make an informed decision regarding your surgery.

My response to your question/post does not represent formal medical advice or constitute a doctor patient relationship. You need to consult with i.e. personally see a board certified plastic surgeon in order to receive a formal evaluation and develop a doctor patient relationship in order to know if this assessment is valid.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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