BBL final results, butt is smaller, is this a result of exercise or fat cell survival? How can I get my butt back?

I'm two months post op. And I have seen changes in my butt. After the swelling, it was small. Then it was big. Then it got small again! I was happy with the size when it was bigger. I began exercising only a month after the surgery. I didn't want to lose my butt. So, I did a lot of lunges and squats. Now, my butt is smaller. Is this a result of my exercising, or is this just the result of the fat cell survival? How can I get my butt back? When will I see the final, final result of my butt?

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Butt shrinking

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It is difficult to say for sure. It could be related to weight loss after starting vigorous workouts. There are not enough details.

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The shrinking butt

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From what you describe this is most likely simply the natural progression of the results of fat transfer.

Initially all the fat transferred shows its volume on top of this there's a substantial amount of swelling.

This makes early results after Brazilians seem very dramatic.

So dramatic in fact that some providers may be tempted to take before and after pictures at this stage.

Depending on how much fat was transferred, how the procedure was performed or how the patient takes care of the treated area after the procedure will influence what the final result looks like.

If you begin exercising for weeks after the procedure than the loss in volume is probably not related to exercise but simply or just the true final results from your procedure.


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Thank you for your question.

Your buttocks will look slightly smaller than it did right after surgery because the swelling will begin to resolve and some of that fat cells will not survive. Fat survival after fat grafting depends on a few things such as technique used, anatomy, genetics, post operative care etc. Best case scenario, usually about 70% of the transferred fat will survive. Within the first 6 months, about 30% of the fat cells will not survive and will be reabsorbed and passed through your body. Whatever fat is remaining after 6 months, is what will remain as long as your weight remains stable. If your overall weight fluctuates, this can affect the fat transferred to the buttocks. Glute targeting exercises should make it smaller, it will in fact grow the gluteal muscles, but lots of cardio and weight loss will. You may undergo a second BBL procedure if you have an adequate amount of fat on your body to harvest. Best of luck.

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