Basal cell? Nodular on the nasal fold of my left side of cheek? Concerned.

In in the Atlanta area and I'm worried about scarring afterward. What do recommend? Bad thing..I had to call them 7 days later to get my results. I'm worried they are not competent. So, that's why I'm concerned about them touching anything on my face - in the biopsy alone he left me with actual stitches already. They referred me to a MOH's surgeron but I also requested a plastic surgeon as I've read it is good to have one there for reconstructive?\Reconstruction After Mohs Surgery?

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A nodular basal cell probably does not benefit from Mohs surgery.

Nodular basal cells generally have a predictable margin. The resulting scars be in the nasolabial folds and in time should be almost invisible.

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Mohs reconstruction

You should definitely consult with your Mohs surgeon and ask these questions. Most busy Mohs surgeons will repair the majority of the skin cancer defects that are created by their procedures. They also typically do a great job. You can ask to see their before and after photos of patients with similar facial wounds. If your Mohs surgeon feels that a plastic surgeon will create a better result or if the defect is large and might require sedation/ general anesthesia for repair then they will likely not hesitate to refer you to a Plastic Surgeon. I hope this information is helpful for you.

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Do I need a plastic surgeon involved in my Mohs

It really isn't necessary to have a plastic surgeon with Mohs surgery in most cases, assuming your physician is board-certified for Mohs. There are physicians who perform Mohs who were not certified in it, so they don't have the same amount of training. If this were the case, then yes, I'd perhaps recommend a plastic surgeon be involved. However, for board-certified Mohs surgeons, part of the process is to do rounds of facial and reconstructive surgery. Talk to your Mohs surgeon about his/her certification.

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