Can I have my ba and then donate my eggs?

A family has finally picked me to be their egg donor. I am having my augmentation July 12th. The director of the egg donation place wants to start me on birth control July 20th. I would then be put on a ton of hormones a month or 2 after this and finally go under surgery to retrieve my eggs. Is this alright for me to do? My main concerns would be my breast growing due to the hormones. I don't think it will likely happen though. Any doctors have experience with this?

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Egg donation after BAM

The decision to undergo the process of donating your eggs will not affect your implants, although the hormonal manipulations will certainly have some temporary effects on your breast tissue. I have not seen a patient that experienced permanent breast changes from the donation process.

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Can I have my BA and then donate my eggs?

Thank you for your question and congratulations on both your surgery and egg donation. As it is impossible to determine the changes that your breasts will undergo with the hormones, the most conservative plan would be to wait on your augmentation until after donation.  I would first recommend speaking to both your plastic surgeon and reproductive specialist to discuss the best surgical sequence.  Hope this helps.

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Can I have my ba and then donate my eggs?

It is most important that you discuss this with your plastic surgeon for his or her opinion, and follow that advice.

My concern about intense hormone therapy is the effect of these medications on your breast.   If the endocrinologist  believes that these medications will have transitory or temporary effects on breast size I would wait until you have fully recovered from her egg donation before having her breast augmentation.  However that is my  uninformed position as I have never faced this situation.

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