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I'm mid-30s, breastfed 2 babies over 4 years ago, am 5'9" & small framed & do not wear a bra except on occasion when I have to. I want a natural full, not round or too big. Does anyone have an Atlanta-area Surgeon recommendation that specializes in Natural-Looking BAs & does perfectly symmetrical work on a consistent basis. Advice on size? Placement? Round vs teardrop? Are any brands better than others? I know some come with warranties. Any advice on this? Thank you

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Natural Breast Augmentation in Atlanta

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This is a very common (and good) question to ask prior to undergoing a breast augmentation! You definitely want to find a surgeon who has the same goals as you and understands what you want. We frequently see women who desire the same thing you are describing, especially after breastfeeding two babies. It's difficult to answer questions regarding specific implants without a comprehensive exam first because every body is different. However, during consultations we do an exam and you are actually able to try on implants in the office to get an idea of what size you like. We are then able to help determine sizing and shape that will give you your desired result. I know this process can be overwhelming at times, but seeing a few board certified plastic surgeons will help you evaluate your options and pick the one that is best for you! Good luck! 

Natural breast augmentation

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The most natural breast augmentation is undoubtedly when fat grafting is used to enlarge your breasts. This technique depends upon taking fat cells from elsewhere on your body and injecting them into your breasts. The fat cells mix in with your other breast tissue and will grow or shrink as your body weight changes. There are no scars on your breasts from this procedure.

Having said that, it is also possible to have a natural look with breast implants. In fact, it appears that you are too thin to be able to have micro-fat transfer breast augmentation. Your better option is with the most natural feeling and looking implants. 

You have asked the key question that all women ask, “What is the best implant for me?". When my patients ask that question, I take them through a short process that really helps them to make that decision. First, I measure the breast from inner edge to outer edge and that measurement tells us that the implant width should be close to that measurement. Second, we decide how much she desires a full upper breast. Think of the bulging of the upper breast in a push-up bra. If she wants that look, we add shaped or teardrop implants to our choices. Third, she places different implants over her breasts and under a sport bra to get an idea of the amount of projection that she likes. From, these bits of information, we can go to a chart that the implant manufacturer provides, and pick the best implant for her.

Natural looking breast augmentation

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Excellent question. The natural breast is not symmetrical. They are sisters not twins! Breast augmentation will also produce sisters not twins. No one can guarantee you perfectly symmetry breast becuase your breast are not symmetrical. Its better to select a Plastic Surgeon who will listen to your concerns and address them. Make sure that he / she has a complete selection of different implants to select. During your consultation, you & your Plastic surgeon will discuss all the options. We allow our patients to see their postop results using a 3D simulation during the consultation. This 3D simulation facilitates the discuss with our patients.

Below are other criteria to use when selecting a Plastic surgeon.

Questions to ask your potential plastic surgeon (Answering NO is a big red flag)

1) Are you a plastic surgeon? (You should research the differences between cosmetic surgeon & plastic surgeon. Make sure that your plastic surgeon is a trained surgeon! You may be surprised)
2) Are you board certified in Plastic Surgery? (Board certified in what? You are looking for the American Board of Plastic Surgery. There are many boards and some are fake. Make sure that the certifying board is a member board of the American Board of Medical Specialties or the American Osteopathic Association.)
3) Will the procedure be performed at a fully accredited & certified procedure room or ambulatory surgery center, or hospital
4) Do you have hospital privilege to perform the same procedure you do in the office? Which Hospital?
5) Do you offer complication insurance. How do you handle complications and revision (it does happen, it better to be safe)

The most important decision is to do your homework well. Good luck.

Breast augmentation

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You appear to be a very good candidate for breast augmentation. "Natural" is defined by your expectations. I would recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon, several of whom have addressed your questions below. Make sure you feel comfortable with them and confident that they can deliver the result you are hoping for.

Asaf Yalif, MD
Roswell Plastic Surgeon

Breast surgeons in Atlanta

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First, based on your pictures, you appear to be a good candidate for a breast augmentation.  The shape of your breasts is good.  It appears that you have lost some volume, probably from your previous pregnancies, and implants are a good way to restore that volume.  You asked a lot of other questions - far more than can be answered adequately in this space.  I would recommend that you visit two or three board-certified plastic surgeons so that they can examine you in person, answer your questions, and make recommendations.  You will probably get differing opinions based on their experience and training but that is a good thing.  It will allow you to evaluate different perspectives before deciding on a doctor to use.

Natural looking breasts

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Start with seeing a board certified plastic surgeon.  You need to be able to describe want you want and that they are listening to you.  Remember when you look at before and after photos you have to ask yourself is that what you want or even better Is that what they wanted?   The size of the implant chosen is a team effort.  The larger the implant, the more the implant makes up the volume of the breast and the less body fat a women has, the more an implant might look "un-natural". 

Atlanta Surgeons that Specialize in Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation. Sizing & Placement. Types.

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  Choosing the right plastic surgeon, much like choosing the right size, style, and profile of implants is one of the most important criteria in achieving a look that you will be happy with.  Desiring a naturally full appearance is one of the most commonly asked for results but "natural" does vary greatly among patients and this is where an open dialogue and communication with your surgeon is important in your selection process.  Though nothing replaces an in-person examination, the most natural results will be obtained with anatomic/teardrop shaped implants that are smaller in width than your natural breast tissue with a cc size then determined based on your goal appearance.  There are three manufacturers of implants: Mentor, Allergan, and Sientra and all produce good products with warranties.  Hope that this helps. 

Specialize in Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation. Sizing & Placement. Types.

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Thank you for the question. Based on your photographs, I think that you are starting at a good place and should have a very nice outcome with breast augmentation surgery.

I would suggest starting with the American Society of Plastic Surgery and/or the Aesthetic Society of Plastic Surgery to obtain a list of well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons. Then, I would suggest you visit a few surgeons whose practices concentrate on aesthetic surgery.

***Ask to see lots of examples of their work and preferably speak/see patients who have had similar procedures done.

Be very careful with your decision-making. You will find, while doing your due diligence, that there are many different “specialties” who will offer their services to you; again, I strongly recommend you concentrate on surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Generally speaking, the best online advice I can give to ladies who are considering breast augmentation surgery ( regarding breast implant size/profile selection) is:

1. Concentrate on choosing your plastic surgeon carefully. Concentrate on appropriate training, certification, and the ability of the plastic surgeon to achieve the results you are looking for. Ask to see lots of examples of his/her work.
2. Have a full discussion and communication regarding your desired goals with your plastic surgeon. This communication will be critical in determining breast implant size/type/profile will most likely help achieve your goals.
In my practice, the use of photographs of “goal” pictures (and breasts that are too big or too small) is very helpful. For example, I have found that the use of words such as “natural” or "C or D cup" etc means different things to different people and therefore prove unhelpful.
Also, as you know, cup size varies depending on him who makes the bra; therefore, discussing desired cup size may also be inaccurate. Again, the use of computer imaging has been very helpful during the communication process, in our practice.
3. Once you feel you have communicated your goals clearly, allow your plastic surgeon to use his/her years of experience/judgment to choose the breast implant size/profile that will best meet your goals. Again, in my practice, this decision is usually made during surgery, after the use of temporary intraoperative sizers.
I hope this (and the attached link, dedicated to breast augmentation surgery concerns) helps. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

These answers are for educational purposes and should not be relied upon as a substitute for medical advice you may receive from your physician. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911. These answers do not constitute or initiate a patient/doctor relationship.