I Have a Small Indented Discolored 12 Year Old Scar on the Side of my Nose from Domestic Abuse? (photo)

I have a small indented discolored 12 year old scar on the side of my nose from domestic abuse, I am now a spokes person and in the public view. What kind of scar is this called? What treatments are there to reduce this type of scar? I'm in non-profit so funds are limited and insurance is none, what affordable products or services are available for this type of treatment? Thank you

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Scar On The Side of Nose

It is hard to give a clear best answer with the pictures provided. There are different types of procedures that could possibly help (Scar Revision, a form of injectable like Radiesse, resurfacing laser, etc.). Your best choice would be to go for a consultation. At my practice, Cape Fear Aesthetics, we do complimentary consultations in our office.  We would assess the area of concern, talk to you in depth about all your options so you are properly informed. Being able to understand your specific situation as well as know all of your options will help you to make the best informed decision possible for you, your concerns and your expectations without reservations. “Dr. D”

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Domestic abuse and facial scars

I am sorry to learn that you sustained scarring from domestic violence but respect you for having the strength to remove yourself from that environment before something more serious occurred.  It is a little difficult to tell from the photographs how your scar would be classified.  There are several different techniques that we use to improve the appearance of facial scars including medicial treatment, laser treatment, injections, and surgery.   Sometimes a combination of techniques produces the best results.  Your best option is to consult with a surgeon who performs facial scar treatment frequently.

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