After getting a BBL, does the doctor provide the cushion seat etc?

hello, I noticed women who have had the BBL done they are wearing the garment and also they have a cushion that allows them to sit down on a chair, My question(s) is does the doctor provide those or do I have to buy them? Also if I do have to purchase them where do I get them? My surgery is July 25th 2016 and I would like to be prepared for this, My job requires me to sit down for more then 8hrs a day and I have seen women with the cushion chair. please help thank you.

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Post operative supplies

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You are wise to plan for your post operative care prior to your procedure.  Office policies will vary, so you should talk to your surgeon about what is included with your surgical fee.  In my office we supply one post-op garment.  Many of my patients purchase nursing pillows to sit on after surgery and some find it convenient to have a second garment on hand so they have one to wear while washing the other.

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Who buys the garment?

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Unfortunately only your board certified plastic surgeon and her office staff will be able to tell you if the garment is provided or if you'll need to purchase it separately from the surgical cost. 

Thank you for your question and good luck!

Melinda Lacerna, MD FACS

Garment or cushion needed?

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You have a good question and it is always nice to be prepared for things you may need right after surgery. I would discuss this with your surgeon as different plastic surgeons will have different recommendations for garments and cushions. It is ideal to limit pressure as much as you can on your buttocks post surgery. But it can be impossible to keep all pressure off the buttocks for an extended period. Some surgeons like their patients to wear a compression garment to help with the liposuction portion of the procedure but yet don't want any compression to the buttock area.  Compression garments are now available that have a cutout for both buttocks so the buttocks won't receive compression but the garment will still apply compression to the abdomen, flank and thighs where liposuction may be performed. Some physicians prefer no compression garment at all. When it comes to compression garments there is no data that shows wearing a compression garment will effect your long term results. It is believed by some that it may help you get there quicker by helping to decrease swelling. Cushions may or may not relieve pressure when you are sitting as even with a cushion pressure is going to applied to certain areas of the buttocks. Certain physicians include garments and cushions as part of the fee and other surgeons have you purchase them separately.

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