A cyst in my nose after rhinoplasty or infection?

Hi doctors , I had my rhinoplasty 3 months ago overseas ! I There is something weird size chickpea in my right nostril! I went to doctor here n he said he doesn't know what it is may be a cyct ,but since my nose is new I have to wait ! i tried to clean my nose by quotip n something gel like n blood come out ! I think there is infection ! My question is what can it be ? If it is infection can be spread iinto other parts and involve them too like other nostril , blood or brain !? Thanks!

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Get a copy of your operative note if possible when being examined by a separate surgeon after rhinoplasty.

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What you describe could be one of many things. Get a copy of your operative note. Foreign material used during the rhinoplasty might be an issue.

Cyst in nose

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There are a lot of oil glands in the lining of the nose. I have only seen one cae of a cyst form after a nose surgery. It required excision in the office. If there is some drainage it can be cultured to identify any infection.

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