Am I a candidate for a breast reduction that my insurance will cover?

I am 36, the size of my breast isn't really a big issue with me I'm a 42 DD. My main concern is my risk gor breast cancer. My grandmother and mother are deceased both at very young ages my mother at 39 my sister has now had it three times. I do not want to completely remove my breast but I know a reduction will decrease my % rate. How likely am I to get my surgery covered?

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Breast reduction and cancer risk

Thank you for your question. It would seem to make sense that a breast reduction would also decrease your breast cancer risks. However, reviewed data do not really support that concept. Breast reduction is mainly a removal of excess skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue, and typically only a small portion of actual breast tissue where most cancers start. I would suggest you meet with a breast cancer surgeon if you are concerned about your risks. They can evaluate your family history and help you determine your true risks. Best wishes.

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