8 weeks PO. Could my muscle repair be compromised at the upper portion of my abs? There is a noticeable shelf poking out (Photo)

TT with full muscle repair -no lipo. I still wear my binder at night (my choice). These pictures were taken in the morning, before any activity, etc. Is it possible that my muscle repair has come undone? It is also worth noting that I have more pain on my left side that my right. I am hoping that it's just the nerves coming back to life and normal and that the noticeable "shelf" at the upper abs is just swelling. If my muscle repair had come undone would I know it for sure?

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Upper tummy shelf after tummy tuck

Thank you for your question about your tummy tuck.

You are still swollen from surgery and chances are what you are seeing is surgical swelling.
It can also be the sutures in the muscle causing bunching of tissues that you can see, being thin.
The photos don't suggest a loss of the muscle repair.
If concerned, ask your surgeon to check you - only an exam can tell you for sure.

Hope you find this answer helpful. Have a great day!

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Ridge after tummy tuck

Thanks repitch. This could represent swelling. You're only two months after surgery. I would maybe extend garment use for another week or two. Doublecheck this with your plastic surgeon.

Likely just swelling after surgery

Upper abdominal fullness may be a consequence of localized swelling, a postop seroma or hematoma (fluid or blood under the skin and soft tissues), or laxity of the abdominal wall in the area.  If the sutures used to repair the abdominal wall had been disrupted, you would be painfully aware it.  Continue your binder, limitation of heavy activities, and return to your plastic surgeon for a routine followup.  

Daniel M. Calloway, MD
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Bulge of the upper abdomen at 8 weeks post TT

Really need an examination to tell if this is the deeper fascial layer or just swelling.  It the shelf like projection is above the level of binder it is probably due to the binder.  Have your plastic surgeon examine the area.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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8 weeks PO. Could my muscle repair be compromised at the upper portion of my abs? There is a noticeable shelf poking out

Maybe, but only IN PERSON opinions will allow a definitive response. Best to seek these second opinions. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Swelling at the top of the abdomen after tummy tuck at 2 months.

The flatness of the upper abdomen in the morning and the progressive swelling in the upper midline could indicate a small area of fluid accumulation (seroma) or less likely an area of laxity in the muscle repair.  
You should speak with your surgeon and get evaluated to be sure....
Best Regards,

Douglas J. Raskin, MD
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8 weeks PO. Could my muscle repair be compromised at the upper portion of my abs? There is a noticeable shelf poking out

I would recommend you to visit your plastic surgeon. A seroma is most likely to happen after a Tummy Tuck and it could be removed / drained the sooner the better.

Best wishes!

Yily De Los Santos, MD
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Disruption of fascia repair after abdominoplasty is highly unlikely.

I would be worried about a collection of serum above the navel. This is something that should be checked out by your plastic surgeon. If it exists it should be drained. Disruption of the repair of the muscle would be highly unlikely.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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