6 week post op breast reduction. I developed a cyst on my left breast underneath nipple. Need a second opinion! (Photo)

I was informed by my doctor I had developed a cyst. I was thrown off and surprised because I really thought it was wound separation. I went from a G to a C. So far I've had four suture come out naturally. I was told that I would need to have another surgery to fix my problem. I am happy with the results but disappointed with how my left breast is becoming. Need to know what type of cyst and will I be put under again? Also, will I be deformed after removal?

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"Cyst" after breast reduction surgery

Thank you for your question and helpful photos.  Your photos appear to show healing after wound separation. I don't see anything that looks like a cyst.  The wounds already appear to have some new, thin skin formed over them, which is a good sign of healing.  Ask your surgeon at this point how you should manage these areas.  I suspect you'll need a little scar revision in the future, but it will likely be a simple office procedure.  Best wishes,
Dr. Kavali

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I am going to agree with you that this appears to be a wound separation (dehiscence) rather than a "cyst". There really isn't a "cyst" that would develop in this scenario. Of course, I am looking at photos rather than an in person exam.    I would disagree with the previous post to keep this "clean and dry".  It should be kept covered and hydrated with appropriate dressings to provide a "green house" for you to encourage growth of new skin cells over this area.  I can't comment at this point whether I would advise more your surgeon right now.  I would need an in person exam for that.  I will say that right now the breast looks a little tight to go back to surgery immediately.  You will need to listen to the advice of your surgeon.  If you are uncomfortable with that advice, seek a second opinion.  There are plenty of excellent board certified plastic surgeons in the Atlanta area.  Good luck!

James D. Frost, MD
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Incision Issues

Great Question! I recommend you go to your surgeon to see what he/she recommends. These pictures look like you had a very hard time healing. You want all of your incisions to completely heal before you do any kind of scar revision. Most of the time that will take a full three months after surgery. Make sure you are staying away from all cigarette smoke (even second hand smoke)! Eat and drink as much protein as you can daily- this will help you heal faster. Keep all of your incisions clean and dry- unless your surgeon has told you differently. You should not be deformed after you get this fixed. Make sure you are not lifting, pulling, or tugging anything over 20 pounds as well. This can causes incisions to loosen up. Good Luck!

Ed Breazeale, Jr., MD
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