50 year African American female interested in a BBL. Am I a good candidate for this surgery? (Photos)

A accidental find through a MRA exam 2mm outpouching from the A2 on the right and 1.5mm outpouching at the origin of ACOM from the left A1 A2 junctions, kidney/ spleen removed 25 years ago due to Kidney Cancer a total hysterectomy due to endometriosis , gall bladder and appendix removed as well. I am interested in Fat grafting and possibly tummy tuck. am I a candidate for this surgery .

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Tummy Tuck candidate

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Hello, thanks for sharing your experience and your pictures, I am sorry to hear that you have had so much work done but thankfully you are doing better now and an elective surgery like this could give you very nice results. You will get rid of extra sagging skin and some of your scars. The abdominal muscle wall should be repaired also. Please make sure that you and your surgeon are on the same page. Don't forget to discuss all your concerns, options and expectations thoroughly. Have a safe and pleasant PS Journey!
Dr. Jaime Campos-Leon
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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