12 days post op from getting BBL. Face is now swollen. Pollen or me not wearing garment (for 5 hrs)?

After having my bbl done 12 days ago. I decided to take my garment off for 5 hours and enjoy a family outing. I have had my ankle to swell from this surgery, but when I woke up today, my entire face was swollen. I'm not sure if it's due to the pollen (I'm allergic, but no history of face to swell) or me not wearing my garment. Any possible answers? (Thx in advance)

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Not wearing the garment will not cause facial swelling.

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The facial swelling is most likely due to some kind of allergic reaction, possibly the pollen.Not wearing the garment will not cause facial swelling, only swelling of the areas where the surgical procedure was performed.

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