Can spraying in nose philomer affect alloderm?

Hello, one month after rhinoplasty I developed an infection at stiches area inside yip, left nostril. It is a white area with trapped pus inside. The ent doctor put me on antibiotic pills and cream. I also have to spray in saline solution phyomer. As a little aggressive, could it displace the alloderm placed on bridge side? Can it hurt the nose? Because when I spit the water out it is a little red. Is there another way to use saline solutions? Doctor in Korea no reply and I live in Greece thanks

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Can spraying in nose philomer affect alloderm?

I would contact a board certified plastic surgeon near you to evaluate the situation.It's possible the Alloderm may need to be removed, because until it fully incorporates, it will behave as a foreign body, which is a problem in the face of infection.

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Your nostril infection

Please follow the ENT's advice. Short of returning to Korea that is your best option. If you can contact your surgeon there by Skype you could ask his/her advice as well.

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