How long after a yag laser treatment should tiny leg veins disappear? (photos)

I had a yag laser treatment for some tiny veins on my leg and now they look worse than before. It has been a month since my second treatment for these veins. Is it normal for the darkness to last this long? How much longer should I expect darkness and discoloration, and at this point is there any hope that the veins will disappear?

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Leg vein treatment

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Thank you for your question ayohn. Leg veins can be treated effectively with lasers. Sometimes up to three treatments is required. For my patients I recommend spacing them every 8-12 weeks. Hyperpigmentation can occur after a treatment and sun avoidance is important to prevent this. Hyperpigmentation does resolve on its own but could take a year or more. It can also be treated with topical products such as hydroquinone. Please follow up with your doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

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