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The dorsal subunit as well as the right and left dorsal side wall subunits should be made thinner.Then my question is if any other part of my nose should be changed? The left/right alar and tip are not 100% symmetrical. Also on the right alar side wall subunit there is a small dent area but it is not so visible. My question is if you think that is better to change only the dorsal and dorsal walls subunits in order for a more natural result? and leave alar and tip asymmetries as it is?Thank you!

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Your nose needs to be slightly modified to allow a natural masculine appearance after it is done. Your consulting surgeon will show you what needs to be done to attain this. I do not believe that any alar reduction should be done. The asymmetry's should be fixed with ostetomies and some tip refinement. During a direct examination you will need to see if the septum has some deviation which should also be addressed if necessary to allow good function as well as aesthetics. Personally I use a digital imaging computer during my consulting examination which allows me to show the patient their proposed result and what needs to be surgically corrected to attain this. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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