Got Burned from Laser Tattoo Removal .. Did It Turn Into Keloid Scar?

in june i got 2 of my tattoos removed by laser and i got both of them burned. the one on my shoulder seems healing nice but as the time pass it grows rally weird and its not even normal skin yet. its deeper than my normal skin i have the pulling sensation and it hurts when i am touching it. plz give me any information anything could help me i dont even understan what happens to my skin right now.. i m using aloe propolis cream and avene cicalfate 2 times a day but nothing gets better... PLZ HELP

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Blisters Burns and Tattoo Removal

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It is possible that you were treated entirely appropriately and you are having an intense reaction to the laser treatment.  In most cases the treated area gets red with pinpoint redness.  Occasionally the treated area may blister.  If it does, do not tear the blister away, it is a protective barrier.  Talk with you laser professional about the best way to treat your skin, if they're not helpful, a dermatologist can handle your situation.  Good luck! 

Las Vegas Dermatologic Surgeon
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It is difficult to tell from the photo or to know what type of laser was used.

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I would recommend that you go see a local dermatologist to examine your skin and see how much scarring is present and whether or not it is a keloid scar.  This area of the body is a very high risk area for keloid scarring.  It would be important to get early treatment of the scarring if in fact the scar is becoming more red, thickening and becoming itchy.  Early treatment with the pulsed dye laser and other treatments could be very helpful. 

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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