Does any health insurance help with this Mona Lisa Surgery?

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MonaLisa and FemiLift are not covered by insurance

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Laser vaginal resurfacing for any indication (atrophy, laxity, incontinence) is considered experimental and lacking sufficient data to be covered by medical insurance anywhere. Most of the available data on these procedures is limited to positive patient reviews, but scientific data is limited to small short term studies. The studies look good, but they lack the numbers to satisfy the insurance companies.

Is the MonaLisa Touch covered by health insurance?

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There is no "CPT" code for the procedure and as far as I can tell, no plans to apply for one.  Without the proper code, and a prior decision to cover, insurance companies will not cover the procedure. Several of my patients have attempted to use their Flex plans to pay for the procedure.

Does insurance cover MonaLisa Touch (MLT)

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At this point, there are no insurance policies that provide coverage for MLT. There are studies being done to present to the major providers, but the process takes time. My bet is that it may be a couple of years form now but that insurance will eventually pay. The beneficial results are too compelling.

Insurance coverage for MLT?

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I am not aware of any in Southern California. However, since I see patients referred by other gynecologists and oncologists and urologists, those consultations can be billed to insurance. I do just their laser procedures and their doctors usually render the rest of their medical care. It is nice to be able to provide this service, and insurance will usually cover the consultation.

Insurance coverage

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There is no procedure code developed for the MonaLisa Touch at this time, therefore currently not covered under insurance. Sometimes if you have a Flex Spending Account or Health Savings Account, you may be able to use these funds for the treatment.  Please contact your insurance company for a full explanation of your benefits. I don't like finances to get in the way of a good medical treatment. My practice takes Care Credit, which acts like a credit card for health care needs, often 0% interest for up to a year. Please see if this is an option for you so you can experience relief from the MonaLisa Touch procedure. 

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