After Breast Augmentation then Another Trip to Theater to Have the Implant Cleaned Im Swelling Up Again, is This Really Normal?

hello, i had breast augmentation on 27th April, 10 days after i had to go back into theatre and have the implant in my right breast taken out to have some fluid cleaned from the pocket. Now 8 days later im starting to swell again,its not as much swelling as before and this time im not sore, im not ill and theres no heat please tell me this is normal and it maybe where i need to rest up a bit more. im getting married in greece in 6 weeks and cant afford to change the dates.

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Have a culture of your fluid and have your implant removed for about 2 to 3 months

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It is very unusual to have your history following a breast augmentation unless there is infection.  It appears from your history that you have a low grade infection which should heal with removal of the implant for 2 to three months and a course of antibiotics.  discuss this with your surgeon.

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