Options for At-home Peel for Sun Spots?

I am 40 yrs old, fair to medium skin. I have many sunspots across my face (baked on Florida beaches for years). It is the worst on my left cheek bone. I have slight crows feet, and am starting w/ smile lines and fine lines around eyes. I would like an at home treatment.

I have done a 35% glycolic peel which tolerated well and showed almost no improvement but maybe diminished fine lines. I feel I could tolerate something much stronger. What do you suggest? I cannot afford to see an m.d.

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Home treatment for sun spots

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Sunscreen and sun protection/avoidance going forward will be important. I would look for over-the-counter products which contain glycolic acid, but also retinoic acid. There is a product by La Roche Posay called Mela-D and that can help fade spots as well. Vitamin C based products like Activ-C are also useful adjuncts for stimulating collagen, reducing fine lines, and fading brown spots. These treatments are all very slow (need to use them for many months and often years), and won't give you the same result as BOTOX, fillers, laser, or prescription creams, but are a very good starting point if you're patient.

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