Do I Have Breast Asymmetry? (photo)

Hi, I would like to know if i have asymmetry; and if I do is 25cc's of difference is enough to make them the same size? I saw two plastic surgeons, the first one told me that i have asymmetry and i will need a different size of implant in each breasts, and the second surgeon told me that I don't have asymmetry and I will have the same amount of cc's in each breast. I'm very confused! What do you think?? Thank you.

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Do I have breast asymmetry

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Based on your photos, I do see slight asymmetry.  It's hard to say if you need different sized silicone implants from photos.  An in-office exam would be the best way to determine if you would benefit from a larger implant in the right breast.  If you go that route, you may risk your right breast being slightly larger than your left breast.  Your left breast will remain slightly larger than your right if you choose to go with the same sized implants in both breasts.  Keep in mind that no one has perfectly symmetrical breasts, so I predict that you will have a nice result whichever direction you choose to go. ac

Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Do I Have Breast Asymmetry?

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In person examination allows a better determination of the asymmetry. Baed only on the posted photos I see a slight asymmetry to volume and shape. Very hard to tell if different sized implants are needed. 

Breast Asymmetry

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Most patients have some asymmetry in either their breast or their chest wall and sometimes both. Your asymmetry can be easily dealt with during breast augmentation surgery. I tell my asymmetry patients that their breast can be made more symmetrical, but may never be exactly even despite using different size implants. It is important to remember that the asymmetry is not just in volume, but also in shape, and this cannot always be corrected with just different implant volumes.

You do have asymmetry which is very normal

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you have much smaller right breast with higher infra-mammary fold. It is almost impossible to make your breast 100% symmetrical with implants alone. You can get bigger implant on the right side ( 25cc more) but if you go much bigger  ,you get shape asymmetry. 

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Slight Asymmetry

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Thank you for your photos.  I have a slight asymmetry with the left breast being slight larger.  I would use saline implants beneath the muscle so that I could fill them differently in each breast to achieve symmetry.  Good Luck.

Dr. ES

Do I Have Breast Asymmetry?

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The photos are not ideal, but I do think the breasts are of different size, and that using different size implants will result in a more even appearance. I wouldn't guess the difference based on these photos alone. Trying on implants would be a good way to tell.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Breast Asymmetry and Breast Augmentation

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Most patients seeking breast augmentation have some degree of breast asymmetry. You appear to have mild breast asymmetry that would of course remain if the same size implants are used. However, even if different size implants are used it is unlikely that your breasts would be perfectly symmetric. If you want augmented breasts and are willing to accept some degree of asymmetry then you are more likely to be happy with the result. If you are seeking perfect breast symmetry then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

David S. Motoki, MD
Draper Plastic Surgeon
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