Asymmetry Problem That Did Not Exist Before. Also my Right Breast is Just Weird Shaped and Square? (photo)

I had my 2nd breast augmentation done 3 months ago to up grade to gel implants. I was 100% happy with my first augmentation done 7 years ago by the same Doctor. First time I got 400 saline this time 550 gel both under implant. I noticed at 2 days post op that I had "two different breasts". I went in to show my dr he said no massaging and doesn't use the band to bring them down. He said to just wait. What went wrong? Can this be fixed? Also I can feel the implant on right and not left

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Asymmetry Problem That Did Not Exist Before. Also my Right Breast is Just Weird Shaped and Square?

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To be "perfectly" honest I do not see the issue you describe in your series of posted photos! Maybe additional posted views or second opinions in person. Or your realistic expectations will not match the acceptable results I see you have??? 


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I am sorry you are not happy with the result of your revision surgery.  Your results are hard to evaluate, but the breast with the tattoo looks like the inframammary fold has been lowered a bit on the sternum side, making it look 'square'.  However, I can't see that in the two week post op picture, even though you said it looked abnormal then too.  Sometimes when a surgery is performed, a different result occurs on one side than the other, even though exactly the same thing was done to each.  You would need to talk to your surgeon if he did anything differently on one side.  One thing for certain is that bands and massage are definitely unnecessary, so don't worry that you were told something wrong.

Being able to feel your implant more easily corresponds to thinner tissue, and yours may have unequally thinned out in that location, resulting in both the implant palpability and squared inframammary fold.

You should follow up with your doctor and discuss your concerns, as he would be the best to evaluate any potential issue you might be having, and if there is a remedy for it. 

Best of luck.

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Breasts uneven after reaugmentation?

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Thanks for your photos.  I think you have great results that are further amplified when you look at where you came from.  Feeling the implant on one side but not the other doesn't imply anything except that your tissue may be thinner on one side.  Nothing needs to be fixed from your photos.  Try to enjoy your new look and the summer outfits and see your doctor if problems persist.  A second opinion may help if your surgeon cannot appreciate your concerns but do not be surprised if the second opinion finds nothing wrong too.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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