Asymmetry Post Breast Reduction - Size and Shape?

I had a breast reduction on 31 July. I was an 18(40) F with left about half a cup larger than right. I am now a D but the right breast has a sort of flat shape at the bottom and is sitting higher than the left breast which is nicely rounded and healed. The nipple of the right is also sitting slightly higher than the left. Can I expect this to change or improve over time or is this how it will stay? What options are there for correcting the shape and asymmetry?

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Asymmetry post breast reduction

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It's just a bit early to be sure about the shape and size at 6 weeks post op.  At around 3 months post op, if the asymmetry persists it's likely to be a real asymmetry.  These are usually easy to correct at a minor procedure if it persists.

I suggest, review with your surgeon at about 3 months post op and have a discussion about it.  Don't worry - you'll either need nothing done or at most a minor correction to even it up.

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Breast Asymmetry after Breast Reduction?

Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure; hopefully, you will be very pleased with the results of surgery in the long-term.

Considering that you're only 6 weeks out of surgery, you will be better off waiting several more months (and even up to one year)  before evaluating the end results of surgery. The breasts will undoubtedly change during this period of time ( hopefully for the better as far as symmetry goals).

 In the meantime, I would suggest that you continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon to communicate your questions/concerns. You should have some peace of mind that, if necessary, revisionary breast surgery is usually ( generally speaking) relatively straightforward/painless.

 I hope this helps.

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Typically, the breast may take up to 6 months to achieve their final settling position.  I would not contemplate any breast revisions until you are at least 6 months out from your surgery. 

Shape can significantly improve over that time as the breast drops and or fills out its pocket.  If there are asymmetries, discuss this with your plastic surgeon. 

There are a variety of options to correct shape and asymmetry.  This ranges from fat transfer to further breast lifts and reductions. 

Please visit my website for pictures regarding breast reduction surgery.


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