Does Asymmetry After Upper Blepharoplasty Even out with Time?

I'm 19 days postop incisional Asian upper blepharoplasty with ptosis correction. My swelling and crease heights are uneven. I have read multiple times on this site that asymmetry is quite common for up to 6 months, and that the results can and often even out. But I have not seen any "proof" or updates anywhere on the Internet that tells me this is true! Can any physicians link me to any photos that show asymmetric-to-symmetric healing progression, or provide any other kind of reassurance? Thanks!

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Asian eyelids: still swollen, difficult to tell

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your lids are still swollen.  everything looks good.  it is common for patients to have more swelling on one side.  this is very normal.  it is much too early to determine any degree of asymmetry.

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