Asymmetry After Surgery and Revision--what Did the Doctor Do Wrong? (photo)

I trusted a doctor to perform surgery for ptosis correction, and I regret it! The result was asymmetry and distortion. After the revision, my eye looks worse.

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Asymmetric eyelids after ptosis repair

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hello M32

sorry to hear about your issues. In the first few photographs that I see it looks like what can be considered normal swelling with the first 3 to 6 months. However, that last photograph looks as though the crease may be a bit high and it may just be that you've been somewhat unfortunate in your healing process and that you had some significant internal contraction of scar say what the surgeon did wrong would be completely speculative on our part and for all any of us knows it could have gone very well. In my own practice I have to reviseanywhere to 5% up to 10% of my ptosis surgeries depending on whether or not they've had surgery prior, the function of the levator muscle, and the quality of the levator tendon. If anyone tells you they have not revised their own surgeries there either not being truthful or they just don't do that much ptosis surgery. At this time if it's been more than six months (preferably 12 months) your revision to get symmetric eyelids may require fat graftingbut I could not really say over the Internet with nothing but photographs but the photographs are helpful. Thank you for those.

in any case, if you don't trust your surgeon to perform the revision ( if it's needed at this time because I can't say because I don't know when you're surgery was performed and for what reason) you want to find an experienced oculoplastic surgeon.

Best of luck

Chase Lay, MD

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Minor aesthetic problems of the eyelids should probably be left alone.

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I don't know what the fate of your eyes is going to be. I certainly would rush into any further surgery. One has to be careful about trying to correct minor aesthetic asymmetries of the eyelids.

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