Asymmetry After Left Upper Eyelid Retraction Repair in Treated Graves Disease Patient. Will This Correct Itself? (photo)

My left eyelid was originally retracted due to graves. I had overcorrection of ptosis surgery and left eyelid retraction repair. 1 week post op my eyelid looked like the first pic. Surgeon wanted to do revision that week. The second pic is after revision but eyelid still seems low. Will the eyelid correct itself to match the right eye once swelling goes down?

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Eyelid retraction

Upper eyelid retraction surgery is very unpredictable and it is not unusual for revisions to be necessary. Your revision surgery looks very reasonable for only 3 days post op. As with ptosis surgery, an asymmetry of 1 mm or less is generally considered to be a successful result.

It is important for us surgeons to be able to set a reasonable expectation for patients: perfection is often our goal, but extremely difficult to attain.

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Most eyelid surgeons would be more patient and wait.

Getting retraction surgery just right is very tricky business.  You need to be over corrected initially.  It might be months before one knows if the surgery was just right.  I think it is a mistake to rush back to the operating room too soon in this circumstance.

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