Asymmetry after downsizing; possible bottoming out?

I had 525 salines o/f to 680L & 600R switched out to silcone gels 550L & 500R along w/a benelli lift. No pockets tightened. PS lowered the left crease and now it's too low, and the left breast looks much larger. I think I am bottoming out on the left side (this is a mirror image so the left is your left). Do I need to have crease moved back up and also go with a 500cc implant? Seems they are not as naturally uneven as we thought. PS swears they were even on the OR table. Thanks!

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Asymmetry after downsizing; possible bottoming out: Other non-correctable reasons for asymmetry

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WhIle I see the difference you report, in my opinion, they are subtle enough that I would accept this rather than risk another surgery at this point. Look at your rib cage (costal margin on the left) that is uneven and sticks out more than your right, There are other reasons for the asymmetry which may not be correctablie.

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Put the arms down and re-send the photos

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No real assessment can be made like this.  Note that we plastic surgeons don't do photos with the arms extended to the sky so I wonder why the patients do.  Perhaps they want to magnify any problems??  Realize that your surgeon doesn't operate on you for what you look like in this position.


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It is difficult to say from the photo exactly what you would need at all because your arms are up in the air.  It is better to see from a hands down position.

Steven Wallach, MD
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