Will asymmetry after cheek implant removal resolve once the swelling is down?

I had malar implants removed yesterday after having them in for 1 week. Now 1 day after I am concerned with pronounced asymmetry. One cheek seems to have retained the shape it had when the implant was in and is way more fuller/higher that the other one.Will this resolve in time and if not what can I do? Since the implants were not removed due to infection how long before I can try fat grafting? Also I think my intraorbital nerve may have been damaged, could this be the reason for asymmetry?

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Asymmetry of cheeks after malar implants removed

Given the fact that you only had your malar implants in place for one week before having them removed, the appearance of your cheeks should return to how they appeared before the implants.  You would still be expected to have some swelling present one week after the removal, so I would give some more time for the healing to occur.  If there was any damage to your infraorbital nerve, this should not cause asymmetry, but it may cause some areas of numbness.  

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Will asymmetry after cheek implant removal resolve once the swelling is down?

If you have had your cheek implants removed after only 1 week, most likely you will return to your normal state.  It may take a bit of time considering you had 2 surgeries within a week.  As for damage to the intraorbital nerve, it is hard to say.  Sounds like swelling to me, but give it time.  A temporary filler such as Perlane will give you great

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