Asymmetry After BA and BL? (photo)

Im 6 months post op from BA and BL.I did not have any asymmetry prior to surgery.Now my breast are uneven.One is high and 1 is low + shape is different on each side.I would like to find out what caused this asymmetry?Left breast points to the left and right is just straight.Also my left breast leans towards my armpit.Right breast is just straight on the chest.Is this surgeons error?implant pocket problems?Can it be fixed?Would i benefit from bigger implants? Thank you for your help.

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Asymmetry From Breast Aug/Lift?#breastimplants

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There are many things going on here. 6 months is a good amount of time to let things settle but they will also continue to settle over the next 6 months. It would help to see a pre-operative photo because that would alert me to asymmetry that you might have had before surgery. Being that said, I think you look pretty good. What you need to realize is that an augmentation/mastopexy is one of the hardest surgeries we do. When you try to change so many variables of the breast at the same time, size, shape, nipple position, areolar size, position of the breast mound on the chest wall, asymmetry is the rule not exception. It used to be that we only would perform these operations in two surgeries for this very reason. I do one stage procedures in most of my patients, however patients with significant droop pre-operatively I will stage into two operations because it is way to hard to get it right. I make my patients get into the mind set that they have to think of this as at least a two operation commitment in their mind even if we do it in one. What I mean by that is that the revision rates are so high because of all the changes we make at the same time. You have normal occurrences in that one implant might sit in a different position. One breast shape is a little different than the other. I consider these things I would expect to happen, but always hope they do not. Most of my patients do very well in that they understand after our talks that they may require a revision one day after a one stage augmentation/mastopexy. Being all of this said, I do not see any one great picture that you have taken that I can really evaluate your situation. I would be up front with your surgeon. He or she did not do anything wrong that I can see. The only part that often lacks between patient and surgeon is the communication of what I have discussed above. I have no idea if that happened with you. I am sure your surgeon was very thorough and talked about those things. I would say overall you look very good, and may need tweaking at some point to get you where you need to be.

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Asymmetry After BA and BL?

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Without before photos posted very nard to advise if additional surgery would satisfy you. My guess is no, but only in person evaluation will help answer that. Best to seek in person second opinions., 

Asymmetry after Breast Lift and Augmentation

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Asymmetry after a breast augmentation and lift can be multifactorial.     Asymmetries that exist prior to surgery will sometimes exist in some form postoperatively.  

Surgery cannot always replace mother nature, and it is important for the surgeon and patient to be realistic in what can and cannot be accomplished.   Although some asymmetries still exist in your case, alot has also been accomplished.  Your breasts have more volume and have improvement in shape. 

As far as revision, this is a discussion that needs to be held between you and your surgeon, where realistic goals are set that can be accomplished safely.   Each procedure carries additional risk and I would not want you to take any steps backwards.

I wish you a safe and healthy recovery!!!

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Different Breasts after Surgery

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In your case it is prudent that we see your preoperative photos. It may be that with smaller breasts that you had a very minor asymmetry that is now magnified with larger breasts. I assumed that you had a periareolar lift also secondary to your scar this may have contributed to the lateral position of the nipple areolar complex. It is best to revisit with your PS for strategies to address your issues but for this online forum preoperative pictures may help give you more insight to solutions if any. 


Asymmetry After BA and BL?

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Moderate amount of asymmetry to be difficult to diagnose from two-dimensional photographs and her better evaluated in the consultation room.

Appreciate your question in the photographs. The 4 photographs that have been closed only the third one appears to have been taken straight on. The breasts appeared fairly symmetric with the exception of the size and scarring around the areolae. I do think he we have some benefit from revision of the closures around the areolae to try to make them more even and to improve the scar.

The other photos the camera looks tilted to exaggerate the left side and I can't really tell from them whether there is any asymmetry in the position of the implants.

Evaluation was here surgeon to discuss the items which you are displeased is in order. I don't think that larger implants would be of benefit to any of the issues that you raised.

Thank you for your question best wishes

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Breast Asymmetry

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Breast lift and augmentation cannot correct all asymmetries in the breast, meaning they will not look exactly equal postoperatively in all women.  From your photos, it is difficult to determine exactly how asymmetric you are, due to the picture being taken from above the breast.  Overall, from what I see, you have a fairly symmetric result and I don't know if further attempts at surgery will improve your symmetry.  I counsel patients preoperatively that while we can usually make the breast more symmetric, they will never be exactly the same.  I like to tell patients that their breasts are like sisters, but not twins.

BA/BL Asymmetry

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I am sorry that you do feel frustrated.

At 6 months post-op, you have accomplished a great deal of recovery yet, I encourage you to be a little more patient and give your body another 3 months before you take you final judgement.

Meanwhile, it is hard to provide you with a solid assessment without a physical examination and knowing the full details of your surgery.

Furthermore, if you were to have a breasts asymmetry before you underwent surgery then the augmentation of your breasts' size will accentuate this asymmetry.

That being said, if you end up with final result that you think you would like to change and address then considering a revision surgery will be the way to go.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for your inquiry

The best of luck to you.

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
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Breast asymmetry after augmentation with lift

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It is hard to comment without examining you in person and not having seen you pre-operatively. With breast augmentation, your breasts become larger and fuller; however, it tends to exaggerate any asymmetry that you had pre-operately.  If your implants are falling laterally toward the armpit, then sutures can be placed to prevent the lateralization of the implant.  Overall shape asymmetry may be improved by revision mastopexy; however, please remember that all women have asymmetry between the left and right breast.  Please contact your plastic surgeon to share your concern.

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