Asymmetry After Asian Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

I am a 22-year-old female. I had a medial epicanthoplasty as well as a blepharoplasty performed 11 days ago In Korea. I can't help but feel that my doctor made a mistake. The asymmetry is so noticeable. Should I be worried?

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Asymmetry after Asian Eyelid Surgery

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I do agree with your assessment and concern about the asymmetry of the folds but there is no need to be anxious as it is not uncommon to see this degree of asymmetry 11 days after the procedure. 


I would not be worried

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Thank you for providing your post-operative pictures.

I agree with you that you do have some obvious noticeable differences between the two sides. As you mentioned, it is only 11 days after the procedure and there is still some swelling. Sometimes both sides do not heal the same way and may have differences in swelling.
But there is absolutely no reason to worry. Follow-up with your surgeon and let your concerns known to him and I am sure he will try to help you to the best of his abilities. I know many Korean surgeons who are excellent in what they do and I am sure your surgeon would not be different. 

Imtiaz A. Chaudhry, MD, PhD, FACS
Houston Oculoplastic Surgeon

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