Asymmetry After Alar Base Reduction? (photo)

after 6 days from alarplasty , i noticed that asymmetry is getting bigger.. and i'm pretty certain my nose is being wider with time, the first day i was very happy about the results after removing the gauze.. day after day asymmetry and width is getting more noticeable,as if it is getting back to its previous this normal? or am i just imagining things? and about the asymmetry, is it several? and could it be reduced with time when swelling decreases? plz help me i'm so worried.. thank you!

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Asymmetry after alar plasty

It all looks fine.  You have preoperative asymmetry.  Post op, at 6 days its far too early to make any judgements about asymmetry - but as far as I can see from your low res photo's, it looks as expected.

Let it heal, stop looking at it all the time, and judge the result at about 3 months after surgery or even longer.


Good luck.

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