Asymmetrical Osteotomy/Rasping - Difficulty of Correction & Will Tip Grafts Be Disturbed?

Prior to my revision rhinoplasty I presented w/a congenital inverted-V deformity (please note: an osteotomy was NOT performed during my primary). Since the splint removal (I'm now 10 weeks out), I've noticed that one side of the V is still palpable as a bump & visible as a very slight hump at 3/4 view. How difficult is correction (will rasping likely do the trick, or..?). Will surgical entry compromise the well done tip grafts? If not, will it still produce another 1-1.5 years of tip swelling?

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Correction of Invered V Nasal Deformity

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I would wait at least another 6 months to see the final result without forced inhalation because it has only been 10 weeks since your last surgery. I cannot see your tip in the post-op picture, but a revision can be done without compromising the appearance of the tip.

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