Asymmetrical Nostrils? (photo)

hi, first of all i have a big nose but it doesn't really bother me now, since i arrived in Ukraine i have noticed that my nostrils( the left one on the picture is getting down mostly when it's cold, when i don't walk, when i am at rest) asymmetric, I don't know if it because of my weak cartilage!!! i just want to know if it's possible to strengthen it an make it symmetrical because when i look in the mirror it's just weird.

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Nostril reduction and symmetry.

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Your nostrils can be made more symmetrical as well as reduced in size. You have a very bulbous tip which also can be refined.

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Asymmetric Nostrils

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Asymmetry in the nostrils can usually be corrected.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can assist you in achieving the results you seek.s

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Asymmetric Nostrils?

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   The nostrils can be made more symmetric and the left and right side more balanced.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA 

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