Asymmetrical Nostrils Cause?

Hi, In the picture the bottom of the septum protrudes into one nostril, is this what they call "cadual deviation"? My doctor says my nose is perfectly healthy and gave me some nasal steroids. Many thanks

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Deviated septum surgery

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I do not know if this is an NHS issue but no your nose is not perfectly healthy and nasal steroids will do nothing but create other problems. In the photo the bottom part of the cartilaginous septum is shifted to the right and you have collapse of the right external valve of the nose (the outer nostril edge is further from the midline on the left than the right) you may also have right internal valve collapse . I doubt you get any airflow through the right nasal airway.

The recommended treatment is surgery which should be covered by the NHS because there is an obvious airflow problem. The bottom part of the septum needs to be placed back in the midline and cartilage grafts would be required to furnish support to prevent external and/or internal valve collapse.

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