Asymmetrical Nostril Rims After Rhinoplasty, Is This Permanent?

I had an open septorhinoplasty 5 weeks ago. My nostril rims(which were symmetrical before surgery) are now 2 completely different shapes and one hangs lower than the other. the surgeon used alar rim grafts and did a cephalic trim. I didnt want my tip to be changed, it now looks very bulbous and wide. Is this asymmetry permanent? Will a revision correct this?

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Asymmetrical Nostril Rims After Rhinoplasty, Is This Permanent?

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Please post photos of your nose and the specific areas of asymmetry. It is not at all uncommon to feel that the tip is larger and more bulbous than you wanted at five weeks post rhinoplasty. The swelling can take up to one year to fully resolve. Feel free to update your question with some photos or return to your Facial Plastic Surgeon with your questions, or both. Typically, your surgeon will be the best equipped to reassure you with regard to the eventual result once you've healed. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Nostril asymmetry post rhinoplasty

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Hi Lilly

Your questions are very reasonable.  Without photos, its not possible to offer more than just generic information.

In general, at 5 weeks post rhinoplasty the tip will look wide and bulbous - that doesn't sound out of the ordinary.

The asymmetry you see is more difficult to comment upon, especially without pictures. I think it would be misleading to comment without seeing pictures.  It might be "normal postop asymmetry" which will completely resolve with time - or it might not be.

My advice:  Talk with your surgeon about your concerns.

All the very best

Howard Webster

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