Asymmetrical Lip Post Surgery, Will It Keep Changing?

I had a dermal graft and v-y advancement to help give my ^ lip a symmetrical appearance due to a minor cleft lip. I have been patient but it has been a month and a 3-4 mm over-correction persists. When I smile half of one front tooth is covered up by this bulge that I hope is just swelling. My surgeon seemed well qualified but has not gotten back to me yet and I am scared! What is the time for lip swelling from dermal grafts to subside? Can this be corrected if not temporary? Thank you! K

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Asymmetrical Lip Post Surgery, Will It Keep Changing?

 IMHO Cleft lips are a completely different issue because of possible changes (lack) of lip muscle internally.  You should ask the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your Lip Augmentation.  

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Lip asymmetry

Dermis fat graft takes a long time to settle and for all the swelling to diappear. Wait 6 months then re-evaluate again. The fact you had cleft lip, sounds partial cleft, makes things a little more difficult to answer your question without a full examination of the deformity and the muscle function.

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