Asymmetrical Face

I have ayssmetrical eyes but the one thing that bothers me the most about it is my eyelids. My right eyelid crease is higher than my left. I am aware that you can make an eyelid crease higher, but, I would rather make my right lid crease lower to resemble the left;I like my left eye. Is this possible? Also, I have a deviated septum and a twisted bulb at the tip. Could this be the cause of my asymmetrical eyes? Im planning on fixing eyelids and nose at same time, what are the costs I am facing?

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Asymmetrical face treatment.

Rhinoplasty and correction of the septal deviation will help. Your eyelid asymmetry can be improved with a filler injection or surgery for the asymmetry and ptosis of the left lid. The cost is dependent on the skill of the surgeon and you don't want to cut corners on your face!

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Lowering Eyelid Crease

Hi Tiffany,

You can have Restylane injected in your right upper brow area to help bring your lid down closer to your left eyelid.  This can be performed at the same time with your septo-rhinoplasty.  Both of these procedures are advanced, and cost should not be your determing factor as the cost to repair a botched surgery will be much greater. The cost of the treatment will vary depending on the physician, geographic location, and the cost of the operating room and anesthesiologist.  Anywhere from $5000 to $15,000.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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The photos show the different upper eyelid creases you describe but also show that the distance between upper aand lower eyelid edges when the eyes are open is greater on the the right than the left. I suspect that there is some right left facial bone asymmetry contributing to this. Right left symmetry does not exist in nature and everyone of my surgical consent forms state that the right and left sides of the body are not the same and can never be made the same. Even if you could change the eyelid crease level I doubt that you will attain right left symmetry.

The nose is a different matter in that you have right left asymmetry here that although cannot be made completely symmetric can be made more symmetric. The photos show an oblique deviation of the septum to the left with asymmetric nasal tip cartilages (the right one is positioned higher with the upper edge tilted more to the midline relative to the left tip cartilage) and a hanging columella (the strip of skin between the nostrils). The deviation is corrected by removing a bit of the back edge of the septum and moving it back into its midline groove in the bone. The tip is corrected by stitching the 2 tip cartillages together and trimming their upper edges. The hanging columella is usually addressed by removing a few millimeters from the bottom edge of the septum. Most surgeons would probably also narrow the bone portion of the nasal bridge.

Your out of pocket costs for the nasal surgery would depend on whether you have any airway airflow obstruction. In that case some of the costs would be covered by health insurance and the amount covered would depend on your policy and your surgeon.

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Addressing facial asymmetry

Asymmetrical eyebrows have to be addressed only through a brow lift. When the patient has asymmetrical eyelids, it is often due to differences in the amount of skin and fat that is present in the orbit. Asymmetrical surgery can be done to make the eyelids look more symmetrical by taking out different amounts of fat and skin to raise the eyelid crease on one side or the other. With respect to the nose, a broken, twisted nose with a deviation of the tip can be addressed at the same time of the eyelid surgery. A deviated septum is performed for decreased breathing and is a covered medical procedure under most insurance plans. The rhinoplasty is considered cosmetic and will need to be paid for by the patient. The average price of the rhinoplasty is approximately $6500. The average price of eyelid surgery is approximately $3000. This usually includes the operating room, anesthesia, and the surgeon’s fee for performing both procedures. There is also some cost savings when performing both procedures together rather than separately in most offices.  

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Asymmetry of the face

Yes, everyone's face is is asymmetric. I would not touch the eyelids to try to make them exactly the same. It is almost impossible due to the udnerlying bony and soft tissue architectue. As for the nose, bulbous tips and crooked noses can be improved.

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