Can an asymmetrical face be fixed without fillers?

When I was a child I had sarcoma cancer and was treated with radio and chemotherapy, ever since my face has never been symmetrical. I was told not to expect it and my parents were told about the side effects, but I really feel extremely self conscious about my face. One side of my jaw is rounded and the other side is every straight down making my face seem like it is being sucked off. Im hoping there is treatment not involving fillers. I am 14 but I won't undergo anything till I'm at least 16.

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An Asymmetrical Face Can Be Fixed Without Fillers

Hi Fiona,

Sorry to hear about all that you have been through in your young life. You are very beautiful and very fortunate to have survived your sarcoma. There are implants that can be customized for your face that will result in a more symmetric appearance. Being a teenager is difficult enough without feeling self conscious. Please know that you are a survivor and that you will be able to have future treatments if you wish. Much love!

Dr. Persky

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