My left eye smaller than the right eye. How to Correct Asymmetrical Eyes? (photo)

My name is Adrian and I have a very disturbing problem,I have to say.I have my left eye smaller than the right eye.What could be done in order my problem to be corrected?. I mention I had high myopia corrected by lens implant ten years ago[I am 35 years old]

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Asymmetry is the norm

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All of us have differences and yours are what I would consider within normal limits. Your bony eye socket may be different and there is not anything that can be done to correct it. Make sure your eye doctor does not think you have ptosis as it is hard to see on a small photo. My guess is that you don't need anything at all done.

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Uneven eyes

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This is very subtle and I suspect that the solution may be worse than the problem. There may be many reasons for this that cannot always be corrected. Seek evaluation by an opthalmologist to evaluate possible causes of blepahroptosis.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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