Asymmetrical Eyes After Cheekbone Surgery?

I got into an accident slightly more than a year ago, breaking my cheekbone. A surgery was done from the side of one eye and through my mouth to put a plate in, which would dissolve over time. Now the eye on side where the surgery was done is slightly bigger than the other(the bottom seems to have gone lower). Do you think my eye will return to it's original size or would I have to go through another surgery to make my eyes the same size again?

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Asymmetrical Eyes After Cheekbone Surgery?

Given your description, unless you also had a fracture of the floor of your eye socket, this is unlikely to be a fracture related problem. It is possible that you have lower eyelid retraction. This can happen after eyelid approaches for trauma surgery. I agree with my colleague that massage directed in an upward fashion can help reposition the eyelid in the early post-operative period. Also, squinting exercises can help increase lower eyelid tone. There are straight-forward surgical revision procedures if these options fail. However, before changing anything about what you're doing now, I recommend you discuss with your surgeon. I hope this information is helpful.

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Uneven Eyes After Cheekbone Fracture

It sounds like that you may retraction of the lower eyelid on that side.  This can give the eye a larger appearance. Sometime massage and time will correct the issue.  Steroid injection may help after 3 months or corrective surgery. Revisit with  your PS

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