Asymmetrical After Eyelift Surgery?

I'm quite worried that my eyelids will not heal properly. With my eyes open the right eye brow sits noticeably higher as if the surgeon did not cut enough from the right eyelid. With my eyes closed it seems thats the case. I asked my surgeon but he says that after the swelling heals it will be normal

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The eyebrows are asymmetric, not the eyelids

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When looking at your photo, assuming that your head was straight, the distance from the incision to your eyelashes is the same. The problem is that your left eyebrow is lower than your right eyebrow, which accounts for the asymmetry of. Speak with your surgeon about the position of your eyebrows and see if he can correct this. One little trick is to even them out with Botox. Even though this is temporary it gives you a better  idea of how things will look after surgical correction.

Eyelid surgery will change your eyebrow position

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You still have swelling and bruising. Please listen to your doctor and wait till you heal from surgery. The concern about the eyebrow is not related to the eyelid lift. You had uneven eyelid and was noticeable because of the excess upper eyelid skin.

Eyelid asymmetry

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Everyone has asymmetry as you rightfully point out from your  eyebrows.  The eyelid crease also varies a bit. Give it time to heal first.

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Asymmetric eyes

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You still have bruising from the surgery. It is way too early to be looking at the results. It takes weeks for the effects of swelling, bruising, muscle weakness, etc. to abate. I ask my patients to not look at their results too critically for at least 6 weeks, especially the eyelids where a millimeter or two of temporary difference can be very noticeable.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

You are still early from eyelid surgery

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Time is an amazing thing.  Almost every issue after eyelid surgery gets better in time.  Eyebrow position after eyelid surgery is a funny thing.  Even a little asymmetric swelling can stimulate one eyebrow to rest a little higher than the other.  Occasionally it turns out that the eyebrow asymmetry is present prior to surgery but no one notices.  I make a point of looking for eyebrow asymmetry and talking about it prior to eyelid surgery otherwise it is natural to suspect the surgery when it is discovered after the fact.  

Please do not push your surgeon to take more skin out of your eyelids.  He appears to have removed as much as possible.  I would recommend that you allow your eyelids to heal for 6 to 12 months before even remotely considering having anything else done to them.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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