Can Asymmetrical Eyelids Be Corrected After 2 Previous Operations?

I had eyelid surgery done in 2009 to correct my asymmetrical eyelids. I was diagnosed with ptosis of left upper eyelid and she did a "Linear advancement" on the left upper eye. A year later I had her do a "Right upper eyelid levator advancement" on my right eye to further improve symmetry.Now that it has been 8 months since that last surgery, is there any way that my eyelid symmetry can be improved or would I be risking damaging my eyelids, making it worse by pursuing further surgery?

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Likely both surgeries were levator advacements not linear advacements.

Dear Drake

Your are right to be very concerned.  Unlike a car engine, the more you work on an eyelid, the more trouble you tend to get into.  You do have ptosis. There are a number of critical factors in performing ptosis surgery.  Be aware that it is very common to need revisional surgery for this type of problem.  For discussion, I am going to assume that the photo nearest your name is the most recent image.  This picture suggest that your eyelid ptosis is changed but not really improved.  However your eyelash ptosis is worse and the orbicularis muscle on the eyelid platform is lax.  This is because the upper eyelid excision below the upper eyelid crease was not precisely engineered.  It is very important to measure this very accurately, perform a very precise anchor blepharoplasty at the time of revisional anterior levator resection ptosis surgery.  In my estimation, there are only a handful of surgeons in the world who will be able to accomplish this type of work.  So I recommend that you look around very carefully for your next surgeon and be prepared to travel.  You have waited long enough and it is appropriate to consider more work for your eyelids.

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Correction of asymmetrical eyelids

Some degree of asymmetry is normal in all individuals, and multiple procedures on the eyelids create additional scar tissue with each surgery. This may impact the result you are likely to obtain from any further operations, especially in the eyelids where the tissues are very delicate and surgery requires extreme precision.

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