Asymmetrical Cheek After Reconstructive Surgery?

I recently (2months) had reconstructive surgery on my cheek after a car accident. The repaired cheek is much more depressed than the other. I know I'm not done healing yet, but it appears my surgeon didn't do a good job at restoring the correct alignment. He said it's held in place with plate/screws. How can I get this corrected? Is complete surgical revision the only permanent fix? How long should I wait? Is sooner better, or should I completely heal first, only to try again? Thx

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More Time, Options Available

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A fractured cheekbone otherwise known as a tripod or ZMC fracture is typically repaired with small titanium plates and screws. If the fracture was not completely reduced (realigned) during surgery or shifted after surgery, the cheekbone can appear depressed or flattened compared to the other side.

Since you are now 2 months out from your surgical repair, it is best to allow things to heal completely. Once the incisions have healed and swelling has completely resolved, you and your surgeon can determine if additional surgery is necessary to improve your result.

In my practice, I offer fat transfer as a minimally invasive approach to restoring symmetry to the face after a traumatic injury that has not healed properly. Other options that can be considered include a cheek implant or even re-fracturing the bones. 

Follow up with your surgeon so that he or she can evaluate the progress of your recovery from surgery.

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